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December 15, 2018

All About Me!

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All About Me!

Hello I'm a 16 year old female from Bermuda! An island in the Atlantic Ocean, and no it isnt in the Carribean! Oh yeah by the way...the BERMUDA TRIANGLE IS A MYTH! Anyways, i like to talk to just about everyone just not literally EVERYone! If I talk to you then feel special cause you are! This page is not just for you to enjoy but for my friends to enjoy too! To all of my friends that live in Bermy...i hope to see you guys soon, if i dont then why dont you give me a call on my cell or in my room, if i dont answer then i will probably call back once i see the number! Well neways, enjoy and keep checkin on all of the new changes!

Cell Number: 237-5815
Room Number: 297-2506